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Vijay Gadhave

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Vijay Gadhave – a professional in Data Science and Software Development with over 5 years’ experience. With an appealing voice and energy for teaching, he’s offering students to follow his lead in the fields where he feels most comfortable.

Data Science is one of the areas where new professionals are constantly in demand. Vijay offers detailed courses where you may learn theory combined with lots of valuable examples from his experience working both as a freelance software engineer, and as an instructor.

On BitDegree, Vijay Gadhave is inviting you to join his courses and learn Python for Data Science, and Statistics for Data Science. In an optimal amount of time, you’ll get a solid introduction to Python programming language, learn the best tools for data analysis and representation. Vijay Gadhave is eager to teach you the fundamentals of statistics so that you get the right foundation before you get deeper into the subject.

Join the relaxed atmosphere of Vijay’s courses and learn some of the newest and most in-demand skills for the modern world.