Ahsan Butt

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I started my Freelance Design Career 10 years ago and learned everything the hard way myself. I went from scratch to end up working for FORTUNE 500 companies like INTEL, PANASONIC, and Coca Cola.

Working with Art Directors from Coca Cola and Project Managers from UK, I learned a lot in a short period of time.
Improved User Experience of UK GP Tools Mobile App, few Games and e-commerce websites and created new Design patterns for showing passwords safely.

From App Icon Design to App UI Design, from wire-frames, prototypes and Mockups Design. I am multi-talented person who has won One Gold Medal, won a nation-wide Poster Design competition from PANASONIC and won many Landing Page design contests on 99designs.

Worked with Clients all over the world mostly from USA, Australia, UK, and United Arab Emirates while learning a lot on how to deal with clients while freelancing and how to present your work to them.

My ultimate aim is to make more Awesome UI Designers and ease the pain of learning