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Growth Engineer

Workplace: Vilnius, Lithuania / will consider remote location

What does growth mean to you?

Does it mean generating more revenue? Increasing traffic? Optimizing conversion? Making your team bigger, happier and stronger? Learning and teaching new things?

Or maybe it’s all of those things combined?

BitDegree is currently on the lookout for a Growth Engineer to join the marketing team and help make our newest venture, BitDegree Academy, a success.

What is growth engineering?

Growth engineering sits at the intersection of product and marketing. It’s when creative thinking and data meet and make the magic happen. It’s the implementation of a mindset that values data, experimentation and a drive for impact above everything else.

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  • Work hand-in-hand with the CMO
  • Work closely with the tech & product team
  • Lead all growth marketing projects
  • Implement growth tests and analyze the results


  • At least 3 years of experience working in digital marketing/growth marketing/product marketing
  • Experience in startups or agency is a plus
  • A data-driven approach to things
  • An enthusiastic and supportive attitude!
  • Flexibility and open-mindedness
  • Excellent verbal and written English skills
  • Hunger to learn new things & passion to grow
  • Creativity and a passion for making education accessible
  • Nice to have but not required: prior experience with online education


  • A chance to strengthen your leadership skills
  • The possibility to be part of a fast-growing team and startup
  • The opportunity to lead many experiments
  • Fresh perspectives, creative ideas, and international connections
  • A competitive salary based on your experience

Perks & Benefits

Great Office

We have an office and it’s nice. Now, you may think you have seen a nice office before, but you haven’t seen ours (everyone says that, but they lie, they LIEEE.)

(Un)Healthy Snacks

You’ll get unhealthy snacks and your co-workers will complain and then you’ll get a lot of healthy snacks and your co-workers will complain. It’s an infinity loop!

Hanging Out

If you are a lone wolf - standing on a cliff all noble-like - no one will drag you to the pub. But you're always welcome to join us after work for pizza or drinks.

Play Xbox

There, on a shelf, in the shadow of a wall-wide screen, it rests. The Box wherein games dwell. Great Elders have foretold we may use it when we have finished our work.

Learn (No, Really)

We need pros and we are eager to teach, so you'll inevitably become one. Since we're an online teaching platform, you will also get access to our ocean of content.

Shiny Thingies

You will get a Macbook. Yeah, it's for work, but you can take it to a date and pretend it’s yours. It's the doctor's recommended way of letting your inner hipster out.

Greenfield Project

No red tape, no legacy code, no paper. The only paper we use is sticky notes (for pranks, mostly). Every voice counts, the best idea wins. So bring the best you've got.

Flying to Conferences

Listen to smart people talk, network, widen your horizon. You know how it works. We loathe time-wasting events, so you’ll avoid the boring ones and get real value.


A place so nice it’s hard to say goodbye on weekends.