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With the help of the Crypto Tracker, you’ll be able to get real-time notifications on the most impactful NFT sales, as well as track different performance metrics of your select NFTs. Following that, you can be ahead of the curve, and make successful decisions early!


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Why is it recommended to look into the buyer and seller wallet addresses on the NFT sale rankings table above?

Checking both the buyer and seller wallet addresses, you’ll be able to see their transaction history. This includes both the NFT in question, and also any other NFT sales that these wallets may have participated in, or NFT collections that they may own.

What are the most successful NFT sales of the past 30 days?

The top NFT sales of the past 30 days include CryptoPunk #9998 (sold for 124457.06752489 ETH, or around $246.7M), CryptoPunk #5822 (sold for 8000 ETH, or around $15.8M), and CryptoPunk #3100 (sold for 4200 ETH, or around $8.3M). All of these NFT sales were made on OpenSea.

How can I sort through the different NFT sales?

The Crypto Tracker tool utilizes a few different metrics to help you sort through all of the different NFT sales. Frankly, you can view and sort by the value of the sale, the collection that the NFT belongs to, or the date of when the sale happened. You may also check the seller and buyer wallet addresses, as well.

What is the point of tracking NFTs?

The Crypto Tracker tool provides users with a lot of valuable information about the wide variety of NFTs on the market. You may choose to track the best-performers, some completely unknown non-fungible token collections, or even specific NFT marketplaces, too. This information could later be used to aid you in making some successful decisions!

How can I find out more information about an NFT that interests me?

If you’ve come across an NFT or NFT collection that you’ve grown fond of, you can simply click on it, and you’ll be directed to a page displaying more information about the selected token. If it’s an entire collection that you’re interested in, you’ll be able to read more about it on a dedicated page of the BDG Crypto Tracker, and then visit the actual collection, if you’d like to.

Does the price of an NFT determine its popularity?

It’s one of the factors, but definitely not the determining one! Taking a single look at the Crypto Tracker tool, you’ll notice that there are other important metrics that help determine the popularity of an NFT, or an NFT collection. Things such as user count, volume and number of sales are definitely some of the more important factors to consider!