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Section 1: PRO TIPS: Why YouTube & Introduction To This Course
Intro Lecture Course Overview- Watch First
Proof of Income From YouTube December 30th 2015
Why You Need To Upload All Your Songs To YouTube
Creating Videos Of Your Songs & Uploading Them To YouTube
Top Secret- Multiplication Factor With YouTube
How To Create a Video Song File & Upload To YouTube
Section 2: Optimizing Your Videos
Titling & Descriptions
How To Use Tagging Properly In Your YouTube Videos
YouTube Playlists - Do This One Thing
How To Setup YouTube Anotations
How To Create YouTube Thumbnails For FREE using Edited
Pro Tip - How To Save Yourself Hours Using The Upload Defaults Setting
Section 3: YouTube Content Strategy
Consistency Wins With YouTube
How To Videos
Behind The Scenes & Live Concert Footage
Music Videos & Lyric Videos
Section #3 Inspiration & Action Steps
Section 4: Marketing Your YouTube Videos
Create a Google Adwords Account
1 Cent YouTube Ads
Promoting Your YouTube Videos On Facebook
How to embed post a video on your blog
Using Your YouTube Channel Art Effectively
Section #4 Inspiration & Action Steps Content Strategy
Section 5: What I Learned From Visiting Googles YouTube Headquarters
Increase Your Subscribers With Call To Actions
YouTube Analytics
How To Monetize Your Videos On YouTube The Right Way
Section #5 Inspiration & Action Steps Marketing Your Videos
Section 6: Bonuses
How To Build An Email List Using YouTube



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