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  • How to Perform Split Tests
  • How to Use Split Test on Different Media
  • How to Run a Webinar
  • How to Get More Clicks Using Email Marketing


Website optimization is essential for your conversion rate. So, if you want to sell more goods or services, you must master this craft. It might seem like an intimidating task, but don't worry. This tutorial will guide you through every step of the way. You'll find out what is split testing and the best website optimization methods in under one hour.

Get More Customers and Increase Your Sales the Easy Way

The principles of split testing are unknown to most people. However, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers and avid social media users know what it is and how to use it as an advantage. If you want to understand what is split testing and even master various aspects of split testing, this website optimization tutorial is the perfect opportunity for you. This website optimization course will show you how to perform and how to understand the results split testing generates and as a result achieve website conversion optimization.

The good news is that learning split testing is not that difficult if you have an excellent tutor. And Alun Hill might be the best instructor for this course. He knows how to explain difficult concepts in a super simple manner and doesn't shy away from sharing his own marketing strategies with his students. To make the learning process as easy as possible for you, this course is split into short and engaging videos. So, you can rest assured, you won't get lost even if you're completely new to this.

A Unique Marketing Technique for Your Business

First, you will learn how to use split tests for your marketing campaigns and how many benefits they can provide. You will get familiar with the principles behind the process and will be able to apply these processes to your sales material. Let’s say you have an excellent title for your marketing campaign, but you are not sure whether it will target the right audience. You will learn how to make a variation of it and compare the success of both. After that, you will see the results and find out which one is better. Soon you will be able to create more titles like that and generate more views. This course will help you start making decisions based on data and user response, not your intuition.

You want to earn more with EPC (Earnings Per Click), but not sure where to start? In this course, we will teach you how to perform website conversion optimization, and how to utilize these conversions to generate more sales. Higher conversion rate allows your business to create more profit with the traffic staying the same.

Use Webinars to Your Advantage

This course will show you how to maximize the performance of your video content. You will be able to double your conversions and sales in this area as well and get more profits. Webinars are gaining more and more attention, and you will need to learn new strategies to stay competitive. Luckily, your instructor has the winning formula and will share it with you in this website optimization course. You will know exactly how long a webinar should be, how to structure it properly and how to engage your audience so that you can make higher conversions and make more money.

You will become a pro in all methods mention above. Furthermore, this tutorial will give you a bonus tip on how to perform split tests with your emails so that you can gain even more clicks. Don’t waste your time on strategies that don’t work. Try this website optimization course and find out how to use split tests to your advantage. Start learning now!


  • You Should Have Content You Want to Test
  • You Should be Willing to Try the Hacks and Tweaks Presented in This Course


Section 1: Learn Split Testing 55:08

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Alun Hill

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