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Section 1: Getting a lot done does not have to be stressful! 21:40
Section 2: In the information age, attention is everything! 19:48
Section 3: How much do we really know ourselves? 22:36
Section 4: An honest appraisal of our self-created working conditions shows huge opportunities for improvement! 19:43
Section 5: What kind of productivity habits do you already have? 22:34
Section 6: Observing bad habits and admitting them helps make way for change. 45:55
Section 7: With unproductive systems identified, we replace them with new tactics which bring better results! 24:24
Section 8: Work, school, and home life all are unified. 35:20
Section 9: Personal life starts at home. 48:13

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4 years sober, 2 years plant-based diet, 6 years married, 3 years parenting, and 7 years as an entrepreneur online with 144+ video classes, 21 books, 680+ blog posts, 2,213+ YouTube videos, 860+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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