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What Will You Learn?

  • HTML5
  • CSS3


Section 1: Introduction
Welcome to the Course!
Important! Read Me!
Tips for Acing this Course
How Computers Work
How the Internet Works
Section 2: HTML
Sublime Text & Other Tools
First HTML Page
The HTML Page Structure
Divs and Spans
Section 3: CSS
Linking to a CSS File
Selecting HTML
Color Values
CSS Gradients
Text and Fonts
Rounded Corners & Shadows
Box Model - Margin & Padding
Display Options
Inspector Gadget
CSS Is Classy
Selectors Revisited
Section 4: Deep Dive: Build a Blog
Setting Up With Cloud9 IDE
Turn Cloud9 Into a Server
Creating Blog Posts
Homepage and Bootstrap
Better Buttons and Forms
Displaying the Date
Section 5: The Ruby Language
Scripting Languages
Ruby Files & IRB
Numbers & Strings
Variables & Interpolation
If Statements
Section 6: Build a Real Startup
Important - Read First!
Tips for Acing this Course
Get Your Free Github Account
Cloud9 IDE
Setup Your Free Cloud9 Account
Setup Your Cloud9 Workstation
Changing Directories and Starting with a Clean Slate
Install Ruby and Rails with RVM
Explanation of RVM Ruby and Rails Installation
Initialize Git to Track Changes
Explanation of Git
SSH Keys Will Link Cloud9 to GitHub
Explanation of SSH and GitHub
The Rails Server Command
Gemfile Changes
Explanation of Gemfile Changes
Creating a Home Page
Explanation of Home Page
Adding Custom Google Fonts
Explanation of Google Fonts
Adding an About Page
Explanation of About Page
Twitter Bootstrap Makes Our Site Look Good
Explanation of Bootstrap
Bootstrap Navbar
Background Gradient
Explanation of Background Gradient
Improving the Home Layout
Explanation of Home Layout
Navbar Text Color
Explanation of Navbar Color
Refactor CSS with SCSS
Explanation of SCSS Refactor
Font Awesome for Icons
Explanation of Font Awesome
Links in Rails
Explanation of Links in Rails
Route Prefixes
Explanation of Route Prefixes
An Updated About Page
Explanation of About Page
Bootstrap JavaScript
The Asset Pipeline
Git Workflow Tips
Section 7: Forms, Databases, and Sending Emails
Forms are Everywhere
Contact Form Page
Explanation of Contact Page
Contact Form Fields
Explanation of Contact Form Fields
Bootstrap the Form
Explanation of Bootstrap for Forms
Nav Link for Contact Form Page
Explanation of Form Nav Link
Contacts Table
Explanation of Contacts Table and Migration
Contact Model File
Explanation of Model Files
Contact Create Action for Saving to the Database
Explanation of Create Action
Hirb Gem Cleans Up the Database Presentation
Objects in the Rails Console
Form Validations
Explanation of Validations
The Flash and Errors
Explanation of Flash
Flash Message Style Improvements
Explanation of Flash Improvements
Custom URLs
Explanation of Custom URLs
HTTP, REST, and Rails
Cleaning Up the Routes
Contact Mailer File
Explanation of the Mailer Class
The Mailer View
Explanation of Mailer View
Controller Triggers the Mailer
Explanation of Mailer and Params
Heroku for Production Servers
First Deploy to the Servers
Sending Email with Mailgun
An Important Breakdown of How the Form Works Part I
An Important Breakdown of How the Form Works Part II
Code Comments for Contact Form
Section 8: User Memberships and Accepting Subscription Payments
Devise Gem Setup
Explanation of Devise Installation
Add Bootstrap of Sign Up Form
Add Bootstrap to Login Form
Explanation of Devise Forms
Nav Links for Devise
Link Helpers
Explanation of Link Helpers
Conditional Logout Button
Hiding with CSS
Database Table for Membership Plans
Explanation of Plans Table, Seeds, Classes, and Objects
Associating Users and Plans
Explanation of Associations and Relational Databases
Sign Up Buttons for Membership Plans
Sending Parameters for Plans
Explanation of Active Record and Query String Parameters
Accessing Parameters
Explanation of Accessing Parameters
Sign Up Form Partials and Credit Card Fields
Explanation of Partials and Card Fields
Stripe Account and Gem
Figaro Gem and API Keys
Explanation of Figaro
Stripe Requirements
Preparing for Stripe - Customer Tokens
Preparing for Stripe - Saving Plans
Preparing for Stripe - HTML Changes
Sending Card Fields to Stripe
JavaScript for the Stripe Response
Creating Subscriptions with Stripe
Code Comments for Stripe
Updating Flash Message Styles
Subtle User Interface Update
Deploy an Update to Heroku
Stripe Review (49:01)
Section 9: User Profiles and Relational Databases
User Profiles Database Table
User and Profile Association
Explanation of User Profile Associations
User Profile Nested Routes
Explanation of Nested Routes
Profiles Controller and Dynamic Routes
Dynamic Routes Explained
Form for New User Profiles
Explanation of New Profile Form
Profiles Create Action
Explanation of Create Action
Users Show Action as Profile Page
Explanation of Users Show
Bare Bones User Profile Page
Explanation of User Profile Page
Paperclip Gem for Image Uploads
Adding Images to Profiles Table
Image Upload
Styling the User Profile
Conditional View Elements with Helpers
Home Improvement
Form for Editing User Profiles
Profile Update Action
Securing the User Pages
Users Index Page
Community Page Details and Styles
More Nav Links and Pro Labels
Copy Improvements
Final Deploy
More Content Coming Soon



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