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What You Will Learn?

  • Build muscle and burn fat with this fantastic cardio workout that strings together controlled sword movements into movie-like, choreographed combinations performed with music.
  • Doing controlled sword movements in choreographed combinations at different speeds.
  • The sword strikes require precision which will train your mind to focus and will improve your concentration, timing and coordination.



  • You should be willing to exercise mind & body on a daily basis.


Section 1: Introduction 22:00
Section 2: Basic Strikes 25:53
  • Horizontal Strikes Watch now
Section 3: Combined Strikes & Bodywork 35:16
  • Push & Cut 180* Watch now
  • 3 Direction Cuts Watch now

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Klaus J.R. Altersberger, born 1961 in Munich, opened in 2010 as an Aikiken Sensei his first sword school in Dahab / South Sinai, and created his own training system, SAS - Spirit & Art of the Sword, to teach especially the Samurai sword with Bokken and Katana. 2016 he opened his second SAS Dojo in Alexandria / Egypt to teach students, which are targeting to reach the SAS Master level, which open them the door to the SAS Teacher's Path. The essence of the sword training is beside the fitness benefits, to experience the spirit of a warrior, which is the POWER of NOW, and implement this experience out of the training into your daily life to live every moment with great awareness, self-esteem and connected with your inner self.
Since 2017 he started to create online sword courses and reached over 500 students @ the education platform Udemy until all his courses were BANNED @ Udemy because they found out (after 2 years) that his sword courses includes weapon teaching ...

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