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What You Will Learn?

  • English Grammar Rules for Past Tenses
  • English Grammar Rules for Future Tenses
  • English Grammar Rules for USED TO
  • English Grammar Rules for asking questions
  • English Grammar Rules for English quantifiers and indefinite pronouns



  • You want to speak English fluently and confidently
  • You should already have completed elementary level of English


Section 1: English Grammar Rules - Course Introduction 02:37
Section 2: English Grammar Tenses - Present Simple and Present Continuous 12:30
Section 3: English Grammar Tenses - Talking About the Future in English 15:39
Section 4: English Grammar Tenses - Talking about the Past in English 18:16
Section 5: English Grammar Rules - the Present Perfect Tense 15:02
Section 6: English Grammar Rules - English Prepositions of Time AT IN ON 10:28
Section 7: English Grammar Rules - English Prepositions of Location AT IN ON 17:31
Section 8: English Grammar Rules - How to ask questions in English 10:07
Section 9: English Grammar Rules - How to ask Tag Questions in English correctly 14:22
Section 10: English Grammar Rules - How to use definite and indefinite articles in English 32:20
Section 11: English Grammar Rules - Order of Adjectives in English 16:05
Section 12: English Grammar Rules - Pronouns and Quantifiers in English 24:00

About the Instructor

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Following over 30 years working in business I changed my career path and reinvented myself as an English Teacher, teaching English as a Second Language. I obtained my TEFL qualifications and have now been teaching English for over 8 years both online using Skype™ and in face to face lessons. I specialise in business English but happily teach people with any English learning needs both adults and children. I have assisted many students to successfully pass a variety of exams to gain employment with European or American organisations where English was the language of choice. I set up my own English learning website and regularly post interesting articles, and in addition, I have created a series of short videos on YouTube aimed at intermediate to advanced learners to help in their English learning.

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