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What You Will Learn?

  • Create your own Python Environment
  • Create and Manage Variables and Numbers
  • Create and Manage Python List, Tuple, Set and Dictionary



  • A Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
  • Everything else needed to start programming in Python is already included in the course.


Section 2: Setup a Proper Python Environment 20:32
Section 3: Python Getting Started 25:35
Section 4: Python Variables 25:53
Section 5: Python Numbers 21:48
Section 6: Python Strings 54:44
Section 7: Python Lists 50:31
Section 8: Python Tuples 14:32
Section 9: Python Dictionaries 40:49
Section 10: Python Sets 17:52

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Ben is an IT Administrator Diploma and has built a successful business in coaching, online marketing, SEO, Web Development, content marketing, CPA marketing and lot of other projects.
In this Profile I share with you my successful strategies and techniques in different fields with easy ways that go from beginners to expert levels.

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