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What Will I Learn?

  • How to identify the key components and purpose of a project
  • How to subdivide task and create relationships between
  • How to manage project milestones
  • How to manage project costs
  • How to view reports
  • How to use Microsoft Project


If you are a newbie at project management or you want to improve your skills in this field, this course will answer your questions. If you feel stressed because your projects are snowballing and are getting more complicated, don’t worry, we got your back! Sign up for this course to learn some helpful tips and unique strategies to help you turn into an expert in project management. Not only that, but we will teach you how to use Microsoft Project for your benefit. In this course, we will introduce you to the world of project management and will explain to you why it is so important. You will see what the critical components of a project are, as well as, how to identify the purpose of it. You will become familiar with resources and constraints and will be able to understand its objectives. Later, we will show you how MS Project works and teach you everything from creating a new project to the basics behind the Gantt charts. You will see how to start project tasks and how to manage relationships between them. You will understand what critical paths are and how to subdivide them. We will guide you through the process of creating and managing project resources. You will get a glimpse of how to level resources, manage part-time resources and assign them to tasks. Afterward, this course will teach you how to edit calendars in MS Project and how to set milestones. You will get familiar with spreadsheets and network diagrams. You will learn how to record non-labor project costs and how to view and manage them. So, if you are an expert in project managing or are just getting into this field, this course can help you with excellent techniques and useful tips.


  • You should have MS Project software installed or willing to install it
  • You should be open to trying the tips in this course


Section 1: Master Project Management 1:44:20
  • 01. Introduction (01:25)
Section 2: Creating and managing project resources 2:48:16

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