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  • Get depth knowledge on Pointer, How Actually Pointers are Adjusted in Computer Memory, The concepts of LValue and RValue that most of us don’t know.
  • Single, Double, Triple Pointer, Generic, NULL Pointers.
  • Type Mismatch, Arithmetic Operation on Pointer, Pre and Post Increment Pointer.
  • Segmentation Faults, Pointers with Const keyword.
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation, malloc, calloc, realloc, Memory Leaks and Dangling Reference.



  • You should understand at least the basics of C programming.


Section 1: Introduction and Overview 10:56
Section 2: Download All the Codes and Study Materials - Don't Skip 00:06
Section 3: Single, Double and Triple Pointer 11:00
Section 4: LValue and RValue 02:32
Section 5: Type Mismatch 06:19
Section 6: Arithmetic Operation on Pointer 10:27
Section 7: Pre and Post Increment Pointer 11:53
Section 8: Generic Pointers 17:23
Section 9: Segments and Segmentation Faults 12:47
Section 10: NULL pointer 22:34
Section 11: Pointers with Const keyword 24:41
Section 12: Dynamic Memory Allocation 1:59:38

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