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What You Will Learn?

  • Personal branding.
  • How to identify the most powerful passion.
  • How to build a business around your passion.



  • It would be great if you could have an experimental mindset.


Section 1: Introduction 04:23
Section 2: Before Building Your Brand 10:06
Section 3: How to Build Your Brand 06:39
Section 4: How To Discover Your Most Powerful Passion 06:01
Section 5: The Digital Environment as a Tool of Promoting Your Brand 16:34
Section 6: Wrapping Up 00:44

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I’m an optimist and in everything I do I put at least a gram of the optimism I live.

Throughout the years, I’ve been experiencing all sorts of things, from running to public speaking, from writing books to acting, from freelancing to cold showers. And I can say that goals and deadlines are, for me, key elements in developing beyond the comfort zone.

I’m inspired by people who are disciplined, precisely because I’m not. I’ve learned to work in a controlled chaos and I think the way I manage to make things work has to do with a lot of pragmatism and fantastically little theory.

Furthermore, I’m dyslexic and that makes me think that life is more than words, and the passion that people put into their actions actually creates stories with which the soul, the mind and the body resonate.

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