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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn to Build Your own Peer-to-Peer website in PHP(OOP) and MySQL with PDO
  • Learn to Program a 2:1 Matrix Logic (Multiple Packages) in PHP and MySQL
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming and MySQL with PDO
  • Learn to Set Up Cronjob to Execute Scripts at Specific Time Intervals
  • Learn to Set Up a Web Application to a Production Server



  • Basics of HTML and CSS
  • Basics of Procedural PHP Knowledge


Section 1: Introduction 03:57
Section 2: Setting up our development environment 08:54
Section 3: Object Oriented Php fundamentals 1:04:50
  • Section Intro
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Section 4: Php Data Objects Fundamentals 1:07:13
Section 5: Setting up our files 1:08:52
Section 6: The Registration Class 1:36:31
Section 7: The Login Class 7:09:16
Section 8: The Merge Class 59:50
Section 9: The Countdown Timer 17:50
Section 10: The Confirm Class 2:35:02
Section 11: The Remerge Class 1:35:27
Section 12: Sweet Alert 44:18
Section 13: ClientSide validation and ajax login and sign up 2:02:01
Section 14: Email Verification 26:02
Section 15: Hosting the Project Online 52:30

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Hi there! I'm Macjoe Umanah. A professional Software and web developer, passionate about teaching and sharing useful knowledge with others in my area of specialty. I have worked for years as a freelancer creating softwares,mobile apps and websites for clients and worked with major tech startups. Incase you have any questions, feel free to message me.

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