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What Will You Learn?

  • You'll build your own workbook for an effective budgeting
  • You'll get a better understanding of goal setting and decision making related with money
  • You'll learn the basics of Microsoft Excel, if you're not familiar with it yet
  • You'll get a free budgeting template ready to use for money management


1h 27m
Section 2: Building the Budget Framework and Labels
Overview and Dates
Income Sources and Formatting Beginnings
Monthly Expense Categories
Monthly Expenses and Loans Continued
Sub Total Formatting and Income Totals
Section 3: Totals and Data
Sub and Grand Totals
Formatting and Clean Up
Data Entry
Adjusting The Numbers
Using the Data and Refining The Budget
Category Percentages and Wrap Up
Section 4: Course Conclusion
Course Conclusion & Personal Budget Template Download



  • Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet
  • Desire to control your finances
  • Commitment to learning

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Chris Benjamin is a passionate instructor and management consultant. As a consulting Chief Financial Officer, he helps growth-stage companies to work with investors, do financial modeling, reporting, and analysis and put all the best accounts payable practices. Throughout his over 10 years of experience, Chris has already helped more than 100 startups to succeed.

Chris Benjamin has a passion for sharing his experience with students and teaching online. His focus is on teaching business-related topics like finance, accounting, Excel, and entrepreneurship. Chris is a creator of more than 85 courses and has over 30k students who enrolled in his courses.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University College of the Fraser Valley and an MBA in business from the University of Washington.

On BitDegree, you can find some of the best Chris Benjamin’s courses and expand your knowledge. You can learn such things as economics, finance, public speaking, business management, and others. Choose the best course for yourself and take your skills to the next level in no time!

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