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What You Will Learn?

  • Understand What is Metasploit Framework
  • Learn Penetration Testing
  • Understand How Hackers Work
  • Learn the Tools and Functions of Metasploit
  • Understand How Cyber Attacks Work



  • Basic Knowledge on How to Use the Computer
  • At Least 4 GB of Free RAM
  • A Passion to Learn Something New


Section 1: Welcome! Meet your Hero And Step Ahead To Become SUPERHERO 01:12
Section 2: Requirements To Get Started To Enter Into World Of Metasploit 00:41
Section 3: Setup Metasploit Lab 05:11
Section 4: Metasploit Fundamentals : Hands-On 17:32
Section 5: Explore Msfconsole : Metasploit Commands 54:18
Section 6: Nmap : Network Security Scanner 25:55
Section 7: Hit Your Machine 16:16
Section 8: Generating Payload in Metasploit 17:12
Section 9: Type of Exploit : Exploitation Using Metasploit 21:59
Section 10: Information Gathering using Metasploit 17:01
Section 11: Using Metasploit to Add Malicious Code into Any Software 20:28

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Greetings! I'm Passionate Hacker, Forensic Expert and Police Trainer.
I have over 7 Years diligence in conducting many Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and Crime-Investigation workshops at various institutions like State Police Academies, Indian Army, Central Bureau Of Investigation, Central Detective Training School, Defence Research and Development Organisation, New York City Police Department and Interpol. 

My style of teaching is mostly by practicals - 90% practical and 10% theory.

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