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52 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn how to write test scripts using Selenium WebDriver.
  • You will know how to work with Selenium Grid.
  • You will able to work on Real time projects after you completed this course.
  • You will know how to identify identify various web elements using Selenium.
  • And more!


Section 1: Overview on Selenium Automation & Java for Selenium
Introduction on Automation & Selenium
Setting up Java on Windows,Data Types & Operators in Java
Java Control Statements
Java Arrays & Strings
Java OOPS Concepts, Class, Object, Methods & Constructors
Java Overloading, this Keyword & static keyword
Java Inheritance,Overriding,super & final keywords
Java Interfaces, Java Packages & Access Modifier’s
Exception Handling in Java
Java ArrayList, HashMap & JDBC
Section 2: Selenium WebDriver
Introduction to WebDriver & Setting up WebDriver Environment
Selenium Locators
Working with WebElements part-1
Working with WebElements part-2
Working with WebElements part-3
Working with WebElements part-4
Working with WebElements part-5
File Upload & Download using Sikuli
Section 3: Data Driven Testing in Selenium
Data Driven Testing using Microsoft Excel part-1
Data Driven Testing using Microsoft Excel & Java Hash Map part-2
Section 4: TestNG Framework for Selenium
Introduction to TestNG & Annotations in TestNG
Working with TestNG Methods & Parameterization
TestNG Listeners & Extent Reports Version 3
Section 5: Apache Log4J & Page Object Model
Apache Log4J & Page Object Model
Section 6: Selenium Grid
Working with Selenium Grid
Section 7: Hybrid Driven Framework Development with LIVE Project (eCommerce Application)
Hybrid Driven Framework Development part-1
Hybrid Driven Framework Development part-2
Hybrid Driven Framework Development part-3
Continuous Integration with Maven, Jenkins,Git & GitHub part-1
Continuous Integration with Maven, Jenkins,Git & GitHub part-2
Section 8: Cucumber BDD Framework
Cucumber BDD Framework Part 1
Section 9: Miscellaneous Topics
XPath Functions and Axes Methods
How to use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium
How to use Robot Class in Selenium
How to Encode the password in selenium using java
How to Automate Date Pickers
How to Automation Bar Code using ZXing API
How to Automation QR Code using ZXing API
How to Compare Images/Logos using AShot API
How to Check Drop Down Sorted Options
How to Handle Authentication Popups/Alerts in Selenium
How to Handle Stale Element Exception in Selenium
Working with Headless Browsers in Selenium
Extent Reports Version4
Section 10: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
FAQ's Part-1
FAQ's Part-2
FAQ's Part-3
FAQ's Part-4
FAQ's Part-5
FAQ's Part-6
FAQ's Part-7
FAQ's Part-8



  • Software Testing Concepts
  • Understanding of Computers and Web Sites
  • No prior knowledge of Java, everything will be covered in this course

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