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110 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • Values, Primitives, Data Types, Variables and Operators
  • Using the Date and Math Object
  • Conditionals: if else and switch
  • For and While Loops
  • And more!


Section 1: Course Introduction
About this Course
HTML and CSS Primer
Section 2: An Introduction to JavaScript
Why Learn JavaScript
JavaScript: A Short History
Tools of the Trade
What Makes Good Code
Section 3: Let's Get Started Writing Code
Writing Your First JavaScript Code
Working with the JavaScript Console
JavaScript Coding Conventions
Exercise 1
Section 4: Learn JavaScript Fundamentals
Understanding Types and Values
Learning to Manipulate Values
Working with Variables Part 1
Working with Variables Part 2
Declaring Variables Using let
Creating Constants
Understanding null and undefined
Working with Operators
Understanding Coercion
Understanding Hoisting
Introducing Objects
Working with the Math Object
Working with the Date Object
Using Template Strings
Joint Exercise
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Section 5: Using Control Structures
Introducing Loops and Conditionals
Working with the if Conditional Part 1
Working with the if Conditional Part 2
Using Comparison Operators
Understanding Truthy and Falsey
Working with Strings in Conditionals
Using else if Statements
Using the Switch Statement
Conditional Shorthand: The Ternary Operator
Exercise 4
Working with the While Loop
While Loop Example 2
Using the For Loop
For Loop Example 2
Learning Additional Assignment Operators
Including the Break Statement
Understanding DRY Code
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Section 6: Working with Arrays
Understanding and Creating Arrays
Adding and Removing Array Elements
Applying Arrays
Looping Through Arrays
Working with Sparse Arrays
Using Array Methods
Converting a String to an Array
Using the Splice Method
Exercise 7
Section 7: Incorporating Functions
Introducing Functions
Defining Functions
Understanding Function Declarations and Function Expressions
Understanding Arguments and Parameters
Function Example
Using the Return Statement
Understanding Scope Part 1
Understanding Scope Part 2
Understanding Higher Order Functions
Using Arrow Functions
Exercise 8
Exercise 9
Section 8: Using Objects
Introducing Objects
Creating User Defined Objects
Object Example
Understanding this
Removing Properties with delete
Accessing Properties with [ ]
Understanding How Objects are Passed
Understanding Prototypal Inheritance
Defining the Prototype with Object.create
Using Constructors
Using the Class Structure
Exercise 10 Part 1
Exercise 10 Part 2
Exercise 10 Part 3
Section 9: Manipulating HTML Pages
Introducing the DOM
Using Developer Tools to Work with the DOM
Understanding the Process for Changing the DOM
Selecting DOM Elements Using Dot Syntax
Selecting DOM Elements by ID, Tag or Class
Using Console.dir
Selecting DOM Elements Using CSS Criteria
Working with Forms
Traversing the DOM
Traversing the DOM in Modern Browsers
Modifying Attributes
Adding Multiple Classes to a Node
Modifying the HTML
Creating New Nodes
Exercise 11
Understanding Events
Event Example Part 1
Event Example Part 2
Using the Event Object
Event Exercise
Exercise 12
Exercise 12 Solution
Introducing jQuery
Section 10: Debugging and Deploying
Using the Console to Debug
Using a Debugger
Using Strict Mode
Using Linting Tools
Deploying JavaScript
Section 11: Conclusion
What Next?



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