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36 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • Create websites using HTML
  • Style websites using CSS
  • Use Bootstrap 4 to create responsive websites
  • Bring it all together to create a presentable website


Section 1: Introduction
Course Summary
Background on the Internet and how it works
Background Knowledge Quiz
Section 2: Prerequisites and Setting Up
Identifying Prerequisites
MAC : Installing Software and Setting Up
Windows : Installing Software and Setting Up
Prerequisite Test
Section 3: HTML
Introduction to HTML
Demonstration : Terminology and HTML DOM
Common HTML Text Tags
Demonstration : HTML Text Tags
Common HTML Media Tags
Demonstrating : Media Tags
HTML Attributes
Demonstration : HTML Attributes
HTML Basics Quiz
Section 4: CSS
CSS Basics
Linking HTML to CSS
Demonstration : CSS and Linking to HTML
Different CSS Selectors
Demonstration : CSS Selectors
CSS Knowledge
Section 5: Twitter Bootstrap 4
Bootstrap Introduction
Demonstration : Adding Bootstrap to your Website
Demonstration : Bootstrap Containers
Bootstrap Grid System
Demonstration : Bootstrap Grids
Demonstration : Adding Tables
Demonstration : Bootstrap Tables
Demonstration : Responsive Bootstrap Tables
Demonstration : Responsive Bootstrap Images
Demonstration : Revamping your website
Demonstration : HTML vs Bootstrap Buttons
Demonstration : Bootstrap Navbar and Navs
Demo : Final Revamp, Adding Cool Stuff
Section 6: Conclusion
Conclusion and References



  • Installing software as we will install all tools required in this course
  • Creating folders , files and moving them
  • Browser : Firefox, Chrome etc
  • File editor : Sublime text
  • Web service : Xampp

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