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  • Pricing Decisions
  • Monopolies and Oligopolies
  • Game Theory
  • Marginal Utility
  • Market Dynamics



  • No prior knowledge needed


Section 2: Discovering Why Micro Economics Is A Big Deal 14:49
Section 3: Considering Consumer Choice: Why Economists Find You Fascinating 10:25
Section 4: Looking at the Behavior of Firms 09:48
Section 5: Living A Life Without Limits 08:02
Section 6: Considering the Art of the Possible: Budget Control 06:20
Section 7: Achieving the Optimum in Spite of Constraint 11:36
Section 8: Working With Different Costs and Cost Curves 13:49
Section 9: Squeezing Out Every Last Drop of Profit 12:57
Section 10: Producing Stuff to Sell: The Supply Curve 12:10
Section 11: Dreaming of the Consumer's Delight: Perfect Competition 11:13
Section 12: Oligopoly and Imperfect Competition 14:47
Section 13: The Monopoly Game 12:45
Section 14: Examining Market Failure: Pollution and Parks 05:02
Section 15: Understanding The Dangers of Asymmetric Information 10:15
Section 16: Playing Games With Economic Theory 13:31
Section 17: Keeping Things Stable: The Nash Equilibrium 08:54
Section 18: Knowing How to Win at Auctions 12:23
Section 19: Understanding the Game: Credible Threats and Signals 06:10
Section 20: Course Conclusion 01:24

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