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What You Will Learn?

  • State a solid Research Question and/or Research Objective.
  • Write a strong Research Rationale and/or Research Problem.
  • Construct a bulletproof Literature Review.
  • Decide which Research Nature, Design, Approach and Strategy is the right one for your research paper.
  • And more!



  • There are no requirements of prior knowledge as we start from the very beginning.


Section 2: Module 2 - Creating Literature Review 35:43
Section 3: Module 3 - Formulating The Research Design 1:02:58
Section 4: Module 4 - Sampling 30:26
Section 5: Module 5 - Collecting Primary Data Through Observation 56:37

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Robert Barcik is a founder of MeanThat, the educational platform that helped more than a quarter million students to learn efficiently. In 2014 he got inspired by KhanAcademy and created his first own videos and after placing them on YouTube he reached a global audience in a heartbeat, all eager to learn! Several universities and as well as MBA students from all over the world started to use the videos for their lecturing.

With this, he jumped the educational train and in the upcoming months became a university lecturer and developer of Flipped Teaching with a focus on Marketing, Organisational Theory, and Business. Along with that, Robert is a Business and Data Science graduate at Swedish Dalarna University. Here, he cooperates with the educational institutes to promote innovative ways of teaching.

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