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  • How to Grow Your Audience in Facebook
  • How to Get More Views on Your Facebook Updates
  • How to Get More Likes and Shares


This course teaches you how to use Facebook for business and contains various Facebook marketing tips. If you are a business owner or have something to sell, but don’t know how to make more profit, this is the ultimate course for you. In this Facebook marketing tutorial, you will learn how to promote your product or content to get more visitors and therefore more potential buyers. So, start this course to boost your sales and get significant exposure.

Create Unique Content & Make it Go Viral

You will learn how to use Facebook for business from the very beginning. So, if you're a newbie to social media marketing, don't worry. This course is created just for you! With basic SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimization, knowledge and a useful Facebook marketing strategy, your content will stand out from the rest. You will find it easier to engage a broader audience and make it come back to your page. Managing Facebook groups won’t be a hard task for you anymore, and you will be more confident about establishing yourself as an expert who people can trust.

To go viral, or not to go viral? That is the question. You will be introduced to what virality means and how it can benefit you and your needs. You will learn the coefficient formula and understand how to use the viral coefficient calculator. This course will explain how to boost your content using ads to increase your virality. Going viral is a brilliant and super effective Facebook marketing strategy. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to learn everything about it with the help of this Facebook marketing tutorial!

Build a Professional Looking Facebook Business Page

You know how people joke that if you're not on Facebook, then you don't exist? Well, that paints a pretty vivid picture of how important it is to learn how to use Facebook for business if you want to be successful. It is crucial to make your page look professional and interesting for possible customers. If you already run a group, business page or even an individual page on Facebook but can't get the engagement you desire, there's a decent chance you have set it up wrong. Therefore, this course has a few lectures on how to set up a great Facebook page from the ground up.

After you have your page looking tidy and neat, you should take some time to focus on marketing strategies involving audience engagement, using images, writing great posts, mentioning people, social media automation, and utilizing Facebook live feature. The good news is that all of these things and many more are explained in this course. So, you don't need to look for any additional information. This course will provide you with everything that you need in order to learn how to use Facebook for business.

Use Facebook Advertisements Like a Pro

Last, but not least, you will understand what Facebook ads are used for. In no time you will be ready to use them to your advantage. Facebook advertisments will help you drive more traffic and generate more hits. You will learn how to target the right audience and will get familiar with the term retargeting.

Almost any type of business can be promoted on Facebook. From a pastry shop to a tattoo parlor, from a clothing boutique to a pizza restaurant, from a car repair business to a bookstore, everyone can benefit from learning useful Facebook marketing tips!

With all of the tips and strategies in this course, you will be able to create a page and market it correctly. You'll be able to boost your traffic, and you will know how to use Facebook for business. This will lead to a more significant number of customers and as a result higher profits. Don't waste any more time. Enroll now!


  • You Should Have a Facebook Account or Be Willing to Create One
  • You Should Want to Try Different Tips Regarding Facebook


Section 1: Course Introduction 08:59
Section 2: How to go viral on Facebook 13:34
Section 3: Facebook Marketing Basics! 17:54
Section 4: Facebook privacy settings 01:16
Section 5: Facebook business page tips to maximize engagement 40:31
Section 6: Marketing from your group on Facebook 18:20
Section 7: General Good Practice Strategies 10:54
Section 8: Facebook Marketing Strategies To Increase Engagement over 1000% 21:20
Section 9: Facebook (and other social media) automation 10:00
Section 10: Introduction to Facebook ads 30:03
Section 11: Facebook live 05:05
Section 12: Facebook Marketplace 19:13
Section 13: Extra Engagement 32:28

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Alex Genadinik

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Alex Genadinik is an experienced instructor, teacher, entrepreneur and book author. He is an expert in software engineering, SEO and social marketing, app development and entrepreneurship. His achievement in numbers:

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