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What You Will Learn?

  • You'll be able to use Nmap for network scanning
  • You'll learn about different types of network scanning
  • You'll learn how to use Nessus
  • You'll learn about script scanning



  • A computer to install the necessary free software and tools
  • A strong work ethic and curiosity to learn
  • An ambition to get started straight away


Section 1: Introduction 08:24
Section 3: Nmap Introduction & Basics 26:14
Section 4: Nmap in Action - 1 Scan Types 32:07
Section 5: Nmap in Action - 2 Detection & Management 22:27
Section 6: Nmap in Action - 3 Script Scanning 16:33
Section 7: Nmap in Action - 4 Timing and IPSIVS Evasion 11:54
Section 8: Nmap in Action - 5 Some Other Scans 10:41
Section 9: Vulnerability Scan and Introduction to Nessus 16:55
Section 10: Nessus in Action 17:55

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