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What You Will Learn?

  • You'll build a financial model from scratch
  • You'll learn to frame assumptions properly
  • You'll practice structuring a financial model in a correct order
  • You'll create realistic financial projections



  • Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or another spreadsheet installed on your computer
  • Understanding of basic Excel formulas
  • Basic understanding of accounting principals and financial statements
  • A determination to learn about financial modeling for your business success


Section 3: Assumptions 57:51
Section 4: Profit and Loss Statement 40:12
Section 5: Balance Sheet 50:04
Section 6: Statement of Cash Flow 40:52
Section 7: Inventory 34:28
Section 8: Financial Tie Out 28:16
Section 9: Variance Analysis 21:46
Section 10: Financial Summary 20:04
Section 11: Course Summary 04:31

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Welcome Students!

I have created over 85 courses with 100,000+ students!  I love teaching on online, and empowering students with knowledge in accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, Excel and other business topics. 

In my day to day life, I work as a consulting CFO, Chief Financial Officer.  Mainly I work with growth stage companies, helping them put in place all the best accounting practices, financial modeling, working with investors, and financial reporting and analysis.   

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