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24 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • How to scrape the twitter stream to collect real time data
  • Smart storing of data using advanced abstractions and Object-Oriented programming
  • Easy and practical data manipulation techniques for dealing with large volumes of data
  • Natural Language Processing tools, special designed for working with sentences and other forms of textual data
  • And more!


Section 1: Getting Started with Python
The Course Overview
Getting started with Python
Getting Data using the Twitter API
Collecting and Storing Tweets
Database Design
Pandas and Databases
Section 2: Numerical Computing with Pandas
Panda Series, Dataframes, and Columnar Operations
Grouping Operations and Working with Date Columns
Merging Operations and Exporting data to JSON/CSV
Section 3: Scientific Computing with NumPy/SciPy
Array Features, Bucketting Arrays and Histogram Functions
Simple Aggregations
Linear Algebra
Section 4: Presenting Stories via Simple Visualizations
Introducting PyQT and MatplotLib
Creating Charts
Simple XY Plots with Axis Scales
Section 5: Using the NLTK Package
Introduction to the NTLK Package
Bag of Words
Classification of Words
Simple Sentiment Analysis
Section 6: Getting Insights from Tweets
Grouping By Dimensions and Classification of Data Types
Trend Analysis and Deriving New Metrics
Correlation Analysis
Course Summary



  • Prior knowledge of Python Data Analysis is needed.

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