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  • Insight to the world of Domain Driven Design and a good understanding of the DDD concepts



  • Basic understanding of software architecture and software engineering, although this is beginner-friendly


Section 1: Introduction 00:49
Section 2: Module 1 - Goals, Principles and Paradigms of Domain Driven Design 14:06
Section 3: Module 2 - Domain Driven Design: Starting with Strategic Design 21:22
Section 4: Module 3 - Domain Driven Design: Tactical Design Basics 12:27
Section 5: Module 4 - Implementing Tactical Design With The System Architecture 22:14

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Experienced (9+ years) working in solution design, system requirement formalization in financial service systems.

Solution design based on both private and public sectors, focused on the business requirements and taking a business-driven approach. Worked with multicultural teams in different settings and countries. System industries included payments, accounting, banking, government and finance systems.

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