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  • Fundamentals of multithreading in Python
  • How to implement message passing communication between processes to build parallel applications
  • How to build a distributed social media data ingestor
  • How to implement distributed tasks with Python & Django
  • How to scale on the cloud with AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS)



  • Basic Python
  • Basic programming fundamentals


Section 1: Introduction 12:34
Section 2: Getting started with Multithreading in Python 46:33
Section 3: Core Celery Distributed Tasks 59:02
Section 4: Distributed tasks with AWS SQS 1:05:01
Section 5: Distributed data ingestor Project #1 45:07
Section 6: Distributed Email Workers Project #2 30:50

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I am a software engineering enthusiast, a full stack developer and an entrepreneur with 10+ years of custom solution experience, which covers everything from training clients to presales to dev ops.

If I'm not spending time with my family or in a gym, I engage in discussions and spread the good word on how to build quality software with fellow enthusiasts.

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