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What Will You Learn?

  • Hands on knowledge on how depreciation and fixed assets accounting works
  • The impact of the sale of assets prematurely on your profit and loss for the period
  • Fixed assets and depreciation forecasting in Business budgeting


Section 2: Course Resources Download here
Download the course resources
Section 3: What is Depreciation? What is Amortization? what are the other related terms
Section 4: Various methods of Depreciation and Depreciation Accounting
Most common methods of Depreciation
Accounting for Depreciation
Section 5: Depreciation and Taxation
Depreciation Tax Shield
Depreciation Tax Shield Under Various Depreciation Methods
Section 6: Master Depreciation Model (Step by step tutorial)
Introduction and basics of Depreciation Model in Excel
Deep Dive into Depreciation Model
How to use the model with Example
Advanced functionalities of the Model
Section 7: End of the course and Thank you!
Thank you and Check out my Other Courses!



  • Basic to Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Basic to Intermediate knowledge of Accounting (Practical Accounting)
  • Accounting terms for Fixed Assets and Depreciation (briefly explained in introduction section of this course)

About the Instructor

Prashant Panchal

Excel & BI Enthusiast, CA, Finance & Accounting Professional
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Hey, I am Prashant Panchal. I like helping fellow Accountants, Auditors and Analysts to become PRO at using Microsoft Excel.

I have been using Excel for mainly Accounting and Analytics for more than 13 years and I quite enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge with fellow Accountants, Analysts, or any Excel user

I have come across many challenging reporting and analytics situations during my career, and I was able to resolve the same using good old Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet application.

With me, you will find Basic to Advanced Excel formulas and Functions, Tips and Tricks, Excel VBA ready to use codes.

The thing I am most excited to share with you is Modern Excel Tools training and its basics to make your life easier as an Accountant or Analyst for Data cleaning, and Report automation

With Techniques I have acquired using Excel for so many years, I pretty sure I can reduce your routine workflow (time and efforts) to half or even more.

While I love traditional formulas and function, Pivot tables and Excel VBA, I feel that its time to go beyond and discover amazing Power Tools offered by Microsoft these days.

These tools include Power Query for Excel (Get and Transform), DAX formulas Engine with Excel Power Pivot.

Don't worry if you have not heard about these tools, you will learn about them in details (basics to advanced) with me without any pain!

My Speciality lies in Data Analytics and ETL (Extract Transform and Load)

While formulas, Functions, Excel VBA can automate reporting and calculations for your projects, but when you are dealing with repetitive tasks, there is nothing better than Power Query.

So I am a big proponent of Automation of Data and reporting: Source data to Reporting with minimum manual steps involved with 100% Accuracy of Output reports

By the way, I am a Chartered Accountant by Qualification, and well versed with hands-on Corporate Financial Accounting and Reporting for diversified industries

So don't worry you are in good hands and a trusted source for your Excel problems and become Excel superuser


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