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27 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • Installing Python
  • Running Python code
  • Create a smart, highly interactive Chatbot
  • Installing packages from Github
  • And more!


Section 1: Introduction
What you’ll learn / Who is this course for?
What you'll need to complete the course
Section 2: Setting Up Your Development Environment
Install Python
Install Git
Install Atom IDE
Install the Python Add-On for Atom
Google Sheets
Section 3: Install Chatbot Python Packages
Download the ChatBot package with Git
Install Required Packages
Testing your ChatBot Installation
Section 4: Programming Your ChatBot
Adding Knowledge to your Bot
Test Your ChatBot!
Section 5: Adding Personality to your Bot
Set the Name and "Look" for your Bot
ChatBot Confidence
Random Responses
Custom Responses for Date, Time, and Uncertainty
Advanced Responses
Learning From Conversations
Don't Forget to Back up Your Bot!
Section Review
Section 6: Sharing Your Bot With the World
Publish Your ChatBot to PythonAnyWhere
Section 7: Congratulations!
You've completed the course!



  • Access to a computer
  • Internet Access

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