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What You Will Learn?

  • The stage your business is at
  • How much money you should raise
  • How the investment process works
  • How to email investors
  • And more!



  • No experience necessary!


Section 1: Welcome to the Course
Section 2: What You Need to Know To Pitch
Section 3: Do You Really Understand Venture Capitalists?
Section 4: How To Understand If You Are Talking To The Right Investor
Section 5: Looking at Things from the VC Point of View
Section 6: What Questions Should You Ask VCs?
Section 7: How to Email Investors
Section 8: What You Need to Know to Present Your Business to Investors
Section 9: How To Deliver A Winning Presentation To Investors?
Section 10: Managing The Investment Process
Section 11: Summary and Wrap Up
Section 12: Next Steps? Why not become a Member?

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