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18 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • Build Increasingly Complex Games in Bolt
  • Understand how to use State Machines to Create a Robust Game Manager
  • Trigger Custom Events to Notify Objects and Create a Well Designed Game Architecture
  • Use Iterative Development Techniques to Continually Improve your Game Designs


Section 1: Introduction
Creating the Text Objects for out Initial Game Interface
Creating our First Flow Machine and Using Strings, Integers, and Lists
Using Super Units to Better Organize our Flow Machine Graphs
Creating a State Machine to Improve our Game Architecture
Create a Flow Graph to Loop Through the Cities
Creating Objects to Represent the Products in our Game
Looping Through our Product Objects to Create Product Panels
ReDesign our Game Manager to Use a Start Game Event
Refactor Cities to use a List of Objects Instead of a List of Strings
Creating the CItyProduct Game Object to Store our Product Prices by City
Creating the CItyProduct Game Object to Manage our Product Prices by City
Refactor How we Generate our Product Prices
Update the Price in the Product Panel from CityProduct
Creating the Flow Machine to Buy Products
Refactoring Our State Machine to Include a Arriving At Port State
Creating a Flow Graph to Update the Ship Qty Text in the Product Panel
Using Everything You Have Learned to Complete the Buying Process



  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Basic Knowledge of Unity and Bolt
  • Desire to Learn how to build games visually
  • You must have Unity & Bolt which is available from the Unity Asset Store

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