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54 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • Basics of CSS


Section 1: Getting Started
Course Information
Getting Help
Section 2: About CSS Web Page Styling
What is CSS?
Exploring the CSS Styling Properties
How CSS is Applied to HTML Elements
Examine CSS Applied to HTML Elements
Investigate CSS Troubleshooting and Validation
Your Starter Toolkit
Section 3: Create Your First Stylesheet
Using CSS Element Selectors
Live Inspection of How CSS was Applied
Using CSS Class Selectors
Section 4: Making CSS Properties Browser Friendly
What is Setting a Baseline for CSS?
How to use Nicolas Gallagher's normalize.css
Demo Comparing Normalize and Reset Baseline Approaches
Section 5: How CSS Uses the div and span HTML Elements
Using the HTML span Element for CSS
Using the HTML div Element for CSS
Practice Using HTML div Element
Section 6: How CSS Handles Color
CSS Color Properties and Values
Using Keyword Color Values
Using Hex for Color Values
Using RGB for Color Values
Using HSL for Color Values
Obtaining CSS Color Values The Easy Way
Section 7: How CSS Handles Fonts
What are Font Families?
Using the font-family Property
About the font-weight Property
About the font-style Property
About the font-variant Property
About the font-size Property
Using the font-size Property
Section 8: CSS3 Web Fonts
About Web Fonts
Practice Using Google Fonts
Section 9: Opening the CSS Box Model
Inside the Box Model
About the margin Property
Auto Collapsing Vertical Margins
About the padding Property
About the border Property
About the width and height Properties
How the box-sizing Property Impacts Content Area Width
Section 10: How CSS Controls Layout
Understanding Static Flow Layout
Changing Static Layout with float Property
Changing Static Layout with Positioning Properties
Static Positioning
Relative Positioning
Absolute Positioning



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