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What You Will Learn?

  • You'll learn to add custom fields easily that'll help you to dynamically organize and style content on your website.
  • You'll practice with creating a restaurant landing page with essential parts.
  • You'll understand the differences between a free and a PRO version of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin



  • Knowing the basic structure and dynamics of WordPress


Section 1: Introduction 00:58
Section 2: Overview 02:29
Section 3: Installing ACF 01:17
Section 4: Add A Field Group and Enter Data 08:18
Section 5: Output Data on the Front-end of Your Website 12:02
Section 6: Create A Restaurant Menu 09:48
Section 7: Create A Timeline Using Repeaters 13:07

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Ashley is a freelance designer and developer with 7 years of agency experience and 8 years freelancing. She's helped build over 130 websites and is ready to share what she's learned to help others improve their workflow. She enjoys travel, nature, being active, cycling, and coffee and would love to meet other entrepreneurs who design AND code!

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