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Today is a big day. We are shifting to a brand new phase that we’ve been working on tirelessly. Around a year ago, we started focusing on renewing the crypto education for the crypto community with crypto native tools and concepts. With all this hard work, we finally are ready to announce the exciting news for you.

What changes does BitDegree rebranding bring?

BitDegree as a company does not go anywhere. We will continue to provide valuable education for students around the globe. We will continue our businesses with our partners. Nothing changes except for now team of BitDegree will have a clearer focus on our main goal - becoming the #1 crypto educator in the world.

We will achieve this by branching our efforts into three pivotal pillars:

  • Learning platform - - is a Web3-focused education platform. Eventually, it will grow into an open-world 3D metaverse, from the ground up designed for the immersive learning experience. 
  • Crypto Content - our internal team that develops quality educational content.
  • Crypto Learning Hub - - is a one-stop shop for crypto enthusiasts to find all information on a single platform. From token value to the latest news of the Web3 market, from analysis reports of exchanges to dApps. 

Why becomes

We have more than 5-year of experience in e-learning. This experience shows us that achieving successful crypto education with traditional educational tools is a hard task, if not an impossible one. It’s because traditional education is not suitable to adapt to blockchain technologies as well as the social changes the technology brings.

We understand that the crypto community doesn’t like learning from textbooks as in traditional school systems. It's the opposite, they learn more efficiently by doing. 

With this in mind, we decided to focus on a hybrid learning model. In this learning model:

  • Learners are able to put their theoretical knowledge into practical use.
  • They get a chance to come up with a problem, research theoretical information, and solve the problem. 
  • They get equipped with a problem-solving mindset, rather than only consuming one.

In other words, we made adjustments so that we would have a multi-platform that unites theory, practice, and problem-solving altogether. Crypto Learning Hub is a culmination of a gamified earning model that is beneficial for crypto learners worldwide.

How does this change affect you?

For our students, instructors, and partners - nothing changes. You will not only keep having access to our courses, even links will remain the same. 

In addition to that, you will also be able to reach additional useful tools which will be developed and presented in the near future. In other words, this change affects you only for the better.

For example, Crypto Learning Hub will integrate various ways of learning ranging from unstructured to structured learning materials. You will additionally find learning resources where you can have hands-on experience. 

We believe that this vast, comprehensive, and untraditional online learning model will be able to offer a learning path that fits perfectly with anyone's needs. 

Crypto Learning Hub integrates many various types of content that will be waiting for you. Types of content range from data, tools, tutorials, videos, courses, and news to newsletters. We are proud to tell you that we offer all of this content from a variety of sources to ensure maximum quality and impartiality: outsourced, decentralized, and developed by us.  

With this, we will help onboard the next billion crypto newbies and help them learn, earn and get a career in Web3. 

What is next?

Today, the step we took opens further possibilities for us to make our goal of becoming the #1 crypto educator in the world. We believe that bringing crypto to the masses on a global scale is efficient and sustainable through education only. 

We are planning to enable you to understand the crypto world better so that you can crack the code of Web3. We will implement simulations, quizzes, portfolios, and more to allow your crypto learning journey to bloom. 

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